Hypoxia arises when the oxygen demand exceed oxygen availability. Severity of hypoxia ranges from acute to chronic states and cells need to adapt their metabolism accordingly. As a major regulator of transcription under hypoxia, hypoxia inducible factors (HIF) induce the expression of genes to facilitate hypoxic adaptation (e.g. increase glycolysis; decrease oxidative phosphorylation). Upon reoxygenation, which often is accompanied by increased ROS formation, HIF is rapidly degraded and metabolic pathways are adjusted.

Specific questions

We aim to understand molecular mechanisms that facilitate adaptation to acute and chronic hypoxia but also cycles of hypoxia/ reoxygenation.

Regulation of RNAs:
  • RNA stability
  • De novo RNA synthesis
  • Micro RNAs


  • Fuel components of the respiratory chain
  • Metabolic proteins and functional protein complexes
  • Rewiring of intracellular metabolism
  • Mitochondrial iron homeostasis

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